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Laminated Glass Roofing in Malaysia

Laminated Glass has almost the same strength as ordinary anneaked glass of the same thickness. Laminated glass is a safety glazing material made by bonding layers of glass, using heat and pressure, with one or more interlayers of tough polyvinyl butyral film (PVB). The glass sheets may be of same or different thickness.

Laminated glass is produced by combining two sheets of glass. Laminated Safety Glass Roof is durable, high-performance and multifunctional. It creates a modern facade and uplift the property’s facade. It is soundproof and protects from direct sun light, harmful UV rays and rainfalls. Its a perfect shade.


    IRglass have same production method as laminated glass but it include special layer that have the strength to resist 99% ultra-violet & 94.2% infrared rays. IRglass is made by bonding layers of glass, using heat and pressure, with one or more interlayers of tought polyvinyl butyral film (PVB). The glass sheets may be of same or different thickness.
  • UV Ray Rejection
    UV radiation is present in UVA and UVB forms, the more prominent longer-wave UVA being responsible for the fading and deterioration of exterior paint, while the latter contributes to sunburn and other harmful skin conditions. High percentage of UV rejection is better, and IRglass accomplish a 99% UV rejection rate.
  • Infrared Rejection
    Infrared light is primarily responsible for the heat you feel when inside the building, so the higher the percentage of rejection, the higher the level of infrared rays rejected.
  • Energy Efficiency
    IRglass helps you reduce the energy consumption of your building, thereby resulting in significant savings on energy bills. Because glass allows in a lot of natural light, it considerably reduces electricity consumption thus doing away with the need for artificial lighting.
  • Durable Coated Surface
    Durable coated surface is prevent stress corrosion in glass. The coating, having functional graded properties through the thickness, is optimised to provide a very good adhesion with glass and an excellent hydrophobic behavior on the side exposed to the environment, thus creating a good barrier to humidity, which is the triggering agent for stress corrosion.

The Benefits of Glass Roofing

Aside from presenting a few of the most impactful and versatile glazing solutions, glass roofing is hugely efficient at transforming the property’s interior aesthetic in latest Malaysian residential trends. Here are the reasons why glass roofs are appealing to contractors, homeowners, and architects.

  • Glass Roofs Boost Natural Light
    To feel our best, we need natural light daily. Our psychological and physical health are both reliant on a multitude of aspects to which natural light is a vital one. Glass roofs are one the most potent alternative to acquire natural light into any space. In addition to its health merit, natural light can emphasize your existing interior designs. It fosters a positive ambiance and accentuates colors in a room.
  • Glass Roofs Increase the Value of the Property
    A properly installed and designed glass roofing improves the overall value of any home or estates. Adding new features to your commercial, residential, or industrial establishment specifically those that will make it more visually appealing and structured can greatly escalate its financial worth. While there are no fast and hard calculations to compute its potential inflation, consulting with a specialist or architect can offer you more than just an insight.
  • Glass Roof Have Good Thermal Performance
    Your property’s thermal performance can increase with proper glass roof installation. Glass with highly rated thermal performance will preserve comfortable heat and insulation in your abode. Glass roofing or skylight will help reduce your energy bills by savings on enhanced insulation and artificial light. Consequently, this will prevent you from an over-reliance on artificial cooling over hot weather.
  • Glass Roofing is Grandeur and Aesthetic
    Glass roofs provide a chance to add a genuine luxurious flair and aesthetic to any property. Though this factor depends on the design, it confirms one of the most enthralling premises for most homeowners. Completely seamless and frameless designs of toughened glass can create an inspirational lifestyle and attract attention in any space or home. Glass roof’s unobtrusive nature often makes it the ideal luxury addition regardless of the given character of the property.

De Skylight Roofing offers glass roofing that is not only multi-functional, durable, and high-performance but also uplifts and modernizes the facade of your establishment. Other than being a perfect shade, glass roofing provides a better vista and ensures a polished connection between nature and your interiors.

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